About the Band

Laurel Knox and the Whitleys is one of the most versatile and unique bands to come out of Southeastern Kentucky in recent years. With influences ranging from country music performers such as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Sturgill Simpson, to rock artists like The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Jack White, throw in a few CCR and Hank III covers and Laurel Knox is sure to have an eclectic, electric vibe that can be enjoyed by all.

The band is comprised of four primary members; Josh Teague and Mike Cook on guitar, Tyler Dixon on drums, and Tyler Teague on bass. Even though Laurel Knox and the Whitleys have only performed regularly for about three years, each member of the band has 10+ years experience of playing music around Kentucky and Tennessee from former bands and solo projects.  

The band spent December of 2017, June and July of 2018 recording and mixing their debut album "Smoke from This Altar", which was released August 17th, 2018. The album features all original material written by members of the band dealing with subjects like addiction, loss, abuse, and seeking comfort and redemption in its various forms in various ways.

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